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June 1, 2015

Many us envision technology solutions to solve how people currently live or will live in the future. But brainstorming is the easy part, looking for resources to develop the technology idea, can be the hard part. Verizon is looking to help with the hard part of funding those powerful solutions with their new challenge.

The 3rd annual Powerful Answers Award challenge opened fro submission on March 26th. The program will award $6 million to powerful technology in three categories: transportation, emergency response, and Internet of Things. The program seeks ideas that leverage cutting-edge technology to create solutions that deliver social good in three categories, each with subcategories:

  1. Transportation: How can technology enable better, more efficient ways to reduce the complexities of transportation and distribution in the physical world?
    • Smart Driving
    • Public Transportation & Sharing
    • Logistics and Distribution
  1. Emergency Response: How can technology enable first responders and emergency crews to locate and save lives faster; what solutions can improve long-term recovery for survivors?
  • First Responders
  • Search and Rescue
  • Long Term Relief
  1. Internet of Things: How can using technology behind the Internet of Things (IoT) enable new intelligent actions that will have wide-scale and beneficial impacts in the following areas:
  • Connected Health
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Agriculture

Ideas can submitted Now through June 18, 2015 

For more information, visit: Verizon Wireless News Center

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