Women and people of color should ‘capitalize’ on their difference in the tech scene

May 18, 2016

A panel of Black women technologists and entrepreneurs shared their thoughts and ideas about making Philadelphia the leader of gender equality in tech. Councilman David Oh also stopped by.

Tiffanie Stanard was sick of paying a boy in her high school class to help with her website, so she taught herself how to code.

Stanard, now founder and CEO of Prestige Concepts and We are MENT, a wearable technology company, said she didn’t have mentorship from professional women growing up but now actively seeks to cultivate her network.

At the Pyramid Club, 52 stories above Center City, about 50 attended an event called “How Can Philly be the Capital of Gender Equality in Tech?” during Philly Tech Week 2016 presented by Comcast. The panel, organized by The Professional Women’s Committee of The Pyramid Club, on Saturday night was moderated by Franne McNeal, president of Significant Business Results.

It was one of several Philly Tech Week events focused on diversity. Others included a panel on the importance of diversity in tech and #techInColor’s annual Tech Week event that features tech leaders who are people of color.

The six panelists shared their insights on the problems caused by gender inequality in the tech industry, as well as possible solutions, like mentorship and early tech education.


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