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Travel Essentials for #FindYourVoiceTour: Wearable Tech Expo

August 17, 2015



As I Prep for my one day trip to the Wearable Tech Conference & Expo tomorrow (Aug. 18th) in Vegas to be a speaker, I wanted to share some of my favorite traveling essentials.


Microsoft Travel Bag (I can fit my computer and up to two pair of clothes)

MacBook Pro (Not as light as the computer should be, I use Microsoft Surface too!)

Credit Card/Business Card Case (Small enough to fit in my pocket)

Business Cards (Just ordered new ones)

Hand Sanitizer ( I shake so many hands in one day!)

Wireless presenter ( the best thing ever to keep the flow of my presentation)

My favorite Prada sunglassess (it’s Prada)

My black crossbody bag (I don’t have to check two bags at the airport)

Travel Aspirin ( When I travel too much, sometimes it triggers my headaches)

And of course my makeup! Maybe nail polish if I have time.


PowerpointIcon2I prepared my Wearable Tech Conference & Expo presentation on Powerpoint with a template the conference provided and made sure to add my personal touches such as logos/social media links. My next presentation will be on Microsoft’s new product SWAY, it is much more interactive for a live audience.


Join me in Vegas at the Caesar’s Palace!

9:00am – 9:30 am My SessionMaking Your Wearable App Relevant
Each industry is different, and creating wearable tech with industry specific functions is important. This session discusses the need for functional, market-specific wearable devices that target specific user groups, how to identify those groups, and how to effectively create wearable products that will succeed for them.



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