Let’s Recap…

Yearly, I’ve attended the PA Conference for women to be inspired, meet new people, brainstorm my next big idea, and cover for my radio show-Philly Speaks. This year on Thursday, Nov. 19th- I had the opportunity to speak about how to become an “Influencer” and “Build your Personal Brand with Social Media”.




One-on-one advice from some of Philadelphia’s leading women by asking a question about your career and community.

Build Your Personal Brand with Social Media

Brands used to be just for businesses. Now the key to career longevity is creating new opportunities, embracing challenges and treating yourself as a brand – define your message and expertise, be social, build real relationships, and the elevation of your career will begin. This interactive roundtable discussion will explore the powerful ways in which social media networks can help establish your personal brand and expand your network. Together we will explore how to utilize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Blogs to build your brand.